Oman RICKY what can I say bout U?? damn babe we both started off by being friends and look at us now your known as my best boyfriend && my hubby... babe I feel like I knew you forever we spent so much tyme with each other juss getting to know eachother better and itsz like we known you for yearsz ...babe juss talkin to u everynite and seeing everyday makesz me happy Ricky your my world and im so happy I found u I'm really glade we found eachother. Babe I can say that I'm happy with you to know that a guy likes you has walked into my life a guy that I am actually satisfied with && i kno wont hurt me in the end babe i can tell u anythinq you understand me and ur a person that i can trust to tell all my secretsz...damn babe i love u so much wOrdsz cant even explain ur my everythinq my heart and my soul no one cant ever compare to you or changes that baby you always make me laff && alwaysz put a smile on my face babe i hope we never break up and I know I say it to U all the time and U always tell me yes but babe I know I'm your last girl and your my last boyfriend ok and I hope it stays that way I love U Ricky